About me

Hi, I’m Ben. I have the skills of a software engineer, the heart of a product manager, and the passion of an evangelist.

Selfie: Benjamin Scholtysik

I write words and code.

I’m a Microsoft alumni and former member of the team that brought you HockeyApp and VS App Center. I’ve shipped large-scale Android and iOS apps and was a lead of two developer groups/meetups in Stuttgart, Germany: the ‘Google Developer Group Stuttgart’, and the ‘Mobile Maultaschen Meetup’. I love everything mobile, Apple, and all developer communities β€” no matter which platform or language.

I have a life outside of tech. I’m an animal lover, Scotch drinker, tattoo enthusiast, lover of colorful hair, and member of the goth subculture.

I go by @elektrojunge online.

[Elektrojunge] German compound noun, from ‘Elektro’ (this translates to ‘electronic’ in English) and ‘Junge’ (that translates to ‘boy’ in English)